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Our curriculum is closely in line with NAEYC’s standards.  The teachers carefully plan and set up for each day at the school. An emergent curriculum based on the needs and interests of the children is supported.  

BFUMC Nursery School has its roots firmly planted in the thought that all children need an environment that will respect their right to question, experiment and develop at their own pace.  

Our teachers believe that to understand how things happen, children must first do and create, which will allow them to learn and prosper. All activities are open-ended and allow for individual interpretation. The children’s curiosity and interest is the force behind the curriculum plan and teachers listen and observe to further enhance the learning opportunity.  

The classroom and outdoor environment become a key part of the learning process and enhance the experiences of the children by providing natural elements and familiarity.  

Children work together in both large and small groups and are the catalyst to some of the best experiences that are had here at the school.  

BFUMC Nursery School provides an environment rich in opportunity. These opportunities help to strengthen and develop skills that children will use every day.  We believe that during the preschool years, the primary focus is on children’s social development and as they become comfortable and confident, the cognitive development will naturally expand and grow. Activities are planned that are open-ended and allow the child to work both independently and as part of a group.  

We provide a caring and nurturing environment that allows for exploration and inquiry. It is our hope that our diverse environment will meet the needs of all children and allow them to develop a sense of self.  

Thank you for your interest in our Nursery School. For more information and/or to schedule a tour,

please contact our office at 818-848-3233

or email: Kristina Balos at

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