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BFUMC Nursery School is a non-profit, part time preschool program in Burbank, California, serving the community for more than 65 years. We are located at the Burbank First United Methodist Church on Glenoaks Blvd, in between Harvard and Grinnell and across from Burbank High School. Though we do not have religious instruction at the preschool, we are governed by the church. 

BFUMC Nursery School is a licensed program through Community Care Licensing and is accredited by the National Association for the Education of the Young Child (NAEYC).  

We offer the following programs:

  • A 2 day program for 2 1/2 - 3 year olds

  • A 3 day program for 3 - 5 year olds

  • A 5 day program for 3 1/2-5 year olds.   

Children must be toilet trained before they attend our school.    

The 2 day and 3 day programs are from 9am-12pm.

The 5 day program is from 9am-1pm.


The church offers enrichment to our students through their program, Burbank First Academy. Their classes are typically from 1pm-2pm and include ballet, soccer, art, and more.


Our Mission

We support the child’s total development by providing an environment where curiosity and imagination are celebrated.


We believe that all areas of a child’s developmental growth are of equal importance. It is through play that a child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills are strengthened. The preschool provides an environment that is rich in opportunity and child-centered experiences.  It is through this rich experience-based curriculum that children will gain insight into their world and the world around them. The staff at the preschool facilitates and supports a child’s growth through meaningful opportunities and by being positive and nurturing role models. It is through a balance of appropriate independence and adult support that a child will develop the necessary tools to handle the challenges they may face once leaving our program to venture into life’s new opportunities.  





Thank you for your interest in our Nursery School. For more information and/or to schedule a tour,

please contact our office at 818-848-3233

or email: Kristina Balos at

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